We’re happy to announce that after some upgrades to our tools (a new version of InstallShield and a new C/C++ compiler for the VM) we have brought the EVOL (evolutionary version) process to ObjectStudio 8.2.

You can get it here:


As with previous EVOL versions of ObjectStudio classic, this is not a supported version in any way. It is a snapshot of development in progress, and as such there is always a chance that any given EVOL version won’t work at all. It is intended to be a way for the ObjectStudio developer community to see some of what we’re up to. You may want to verify that specific fixes you require are in there, and we would love it if you can verify that nothing that we’ve fixed to date has an unintended adverse effect on your code. Or let us know if something has.

Problems that are specific to behavior that is different between the EVOL version and the most recent commercial release should be reported to the ost-dev@parcplace.net mailing list.


posted by Mark Grinnell