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New Cincom Smalltalk Maintenance Releases Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the maintenance releases of Cincom® ObjectStudio® and Cincom® VisualWorks® are now available for customers and partners!

As before, you can request media or an ftp transfer of the product. For other options, please speak with your account manager.

To request a new release, just go to this link on our website and fill out the form:

What’s in This Release
The latest releases of ObjectStudio 8.5.1 and VisualWorks 7.10.1 are the maintenance releases of the ObjectStudio 8.5 and VisualWorks 7.10 major releases.

  • See the ObjectStudio 8.5 major release feature changes here.
  • See the VisualWorks 7.10 major release feature changes here.

ObjectStudio shares a foundation library and VM, as well as many of the same improvements as VisualWorks. The ObjectStudio 8.5.1 improvements include over 80 action requests (ARs) and resolutions. VisualWorks 7.10.1 improvements total 70 ARs representing improvements, refinements and fixes for Store, Web Services, Glorp, GUI, COM and more.

To learn more about these maintenance releases, please see the ObjectStudio 8.5.1 and VisualWorks 7.10.1 release notes. These notes contain short descriptions of the ARs, and support resolutions are addressed.

The New Cincom® ObjectStudio® FileShredder

The Cincom ObjectStudio team continues to make improvements to the new ObjectStudio GUI, which is currently in beta testing.

Using shared capabilities from Xtreams in Cincom® VisualWorks®, the team was able to create another very useful tool, the FileShredder.

File Shredder

Drag-n-Drop Capabilities

The files are first added to the FileShredder by simply dragging and dropping them on the FileShredder window, a new feature not previously available in ObjectStudio.  Another nice new feature is that the new GUI displays the icon defined for that file type in Windows, instead of requiring the developer to define an icon separately.  Finally, when you click “Shred Files,” the files are erased in such a way that they cannot be recovered, using cryptography guru, Bruce Schneier’s, recommended wiping scheme.  In this scheme, the file is overwritten with “1,” then “0” and then five additional times with random data. More about this scheme can be found here.

If you would like more information about the new GUI, be sure to check out the Presentations page here or watch a few demonstrations here.

For the past few weeks, the Cincom Smalltalk Team has been launching a series of several new tutorials, and this effort will be continuing during the upcoming months.

The first set of tutorials focused on “Common Tools” and how many of these tools are now shared. The second set includes tutorials that are specific to either Cincom ObjectStudio or Cincom® VisualWorks®.

The first tutorial of this second set features an overview of the ObjectStudio product including the launcher, the workspace and information on how to load ObjectStudio applications into the toolset.

This tutorial as well as all of the tutorials in the series should prove to be quite interesting and informative for all Cincom ObjectStudio and Cincom VisualWorks users, and we hope that you’ll check them out.

For more information, click here.