Compatible with Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7Cincom includes Cincom® ObjectStudio® as part of Cincom Smalltalk™. ObjectStudio is the first—and only—Compatible with Windows 7 Smalltalk environment. For customers needing to build applications that cleanly fold into a Microsoft-centric infrastructure, ObjectStudio is the best choice. ObjectStudio is a Windows-specific platform that is oriented toward building client applications that need good connectivity to databases, and we now ship a database mapping tool and a modeling tool as part of the product.

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What’s New in ObjectStudio

  • Compatible with Windows 7—The only Smalltalk environment that can say this.
  • Modeling Tool—Allows a business architect to design and generate the framework for a software system using a powerful UML (Unified Modeling Language) base tool.
  • Mapping Tool—Connect your Smalltalk objects to relational databases the easy way. The mapping tool allows an easy connection from relational databases to objects and applications, now using our powerful object relational mapping technology
  • Latest foundation tools and improvements (Foundation 7.7.1).
  • C to Smalltalk migration work—Makes more customization accessible to customers.
  • New professionally designed icons and logos.

“So far I really like the overall package. The cleaner interface with the more modern look is great. It is important when showing your work to non-Smalltalkers who are still PC/Mac users. This is something current users may not understand. The interface seems snappier also.”
– Current ObjectStudio user

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