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Google Desktop Hangs MS Compiler

We finally upgraded our compiler we use for ObectStudio8 from VisualStudio 6.0 to VisualStudio 2008. In that process we moved away from plain makefiles and used the project files generated by the IDE.

Then I wrote a build script for our automated build machine. What could be better than to use MSBuild? It understands the project structure of VisualStudio, recompute the dependencies and it can use all available CPU’s.

The only problem I had was, that the sub-process cl.exe (the compiler itself) would hang.

After debugging the compiler (something I try to avoid usually) I found the culprit. MS Support finally confirmed it.

Google Desktop is to blame!!

The DLL GoogleDesktopNetwork3.dll is somehow injected into the compile process and while it’s loaded, does something to reinitialize RPC and waits for the global RPC critical section. The compiler uses RPC to communicate with other processes and tries to load rpcrt4.dll, which blocks, because GoogleDesktopNetwork3.dll:DllMain is not finished.

A typical deadlock situation! It’s called LoaderLock.

Microsoft already has a couple of pages written about that situation and what you should and should not do during the DllMain call.

Maybe someone at Google should take the time and read those?

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Google Desktop Hangs MS Compiler, con’t

To my surprise, Google contacted me the day after my posting. Apparently I must have triggered one of their keywords, or there really are people, reading this blog. ­čśë

Anyway, they asked me to send them more information, which I happily did.

Maybe we see a new version of Google Desktop soon, which has this problem fixed.

I was just happy with that reaction. They could just have ignored it, too.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?