ObjectStudio 8.1 is finally Vista certified.
To describe the last few weeks as “not easy” would be an understatement. In order to pass the certification, we had to make several changes to the product.

The worst part of it was the installer itself. Even with a tool like the latest InstallShield, it was a tedious and error prone job to create the final installer. Restrictions to separate data and program is nothing unknown, but MS Vista really enforces the problem now.

Each EXE had to contain a manifest file and had to be digitally signed, each DLL has to be signed too.
Who knows ObjectStudio, knows that we have a lot of DLL’s and several EXE’s. Some of them are contributed from our partners. Unfortunately we could not include those contributions into ObjectStudio any more. Since we don’t own such DLL’s, we cannot sign them. But that’s one major requirement of the certification process.
So, if you are a partner and want us to include some of your code, please contact Jim Robertson. He can tell you what to do.

Beside the certification, we included lots a bugfixes and changes into the product. OS8.1 is based on the current version of VisualWorks and can use all the updated packages.

I know, the last post was more than 4 month ago. We promise to get better! If you have an idea, what we should blog about, feel free to put that in the comment down here.

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