Since Friday last week, Cincom offers a public symbol server for Cincom Smalltalk.

To use that, you have to set the environment variable _NT_SYMBOL_PATH. In order to use our debugging symbols, you have to set the variable to the following value:

_NT_SYMBOL_PATH=SRV*<local directory>*

There are many examples how to use the symbol server on the web. Just search for them. Any MS debugger uses that variable to download the symbols needed for the debugging session. Of course, you can use the MS symbol server at the same time, which helps a lot, when debugging API calls. Your debugger should find the necessary symbols automatically, even for patch builds.

We offer this service for ObjectStudio 7.1.2 and newer. Over time we will extend this service and include the VisualWorks EXE and DLLs.

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