This article describes a new feature that’s being introduced in the ObjectStudio 8.3 Runtime Packager and compares it to ObjectStudio 8.2.1 and earlier versions.

ObjectStudio 8.2.1 and earlier versions of the ObjectStudio Runtime Packager ignored one component of classic ObjectStudio—the global variable “Application.” This raised a few issues in the runtime image since some ObjectStudio methods use that global variable.

In classic ObjectStudio’s “Program Generator,” the developer had to select the main Controller of the application from a list. The global variable Application was set to point to that Controller.

In ObjectStudio 8.3, we re-introduced the same concept in the runtime packager. In the ObjectStudio User’s Guide, (Chapter 8, Application Delivery) the runtime packager process details are explained, while here, only the startup Controller selection and its related issues are described.